Sunday, October 31, 2010

Got the facts on Milk?

I absolutely hate milk. What it does to the body, the ridiculous beliefs that are held about it...the hype and propaganda is contrary to my common sense and what my body told me when I used to consume it. But what I hate even more is unchallenged claims and those who are adamant about something without doing their research. It's time we hear more about the other side of milk...

Check this out...

"Film maker Shira Lane takes a road-trip across America to get the truth on the unchallenged perceptions of milk. Addressing myth, truth and all in between, the film becomes a humorous yet shocking exposition that provokes serious thought about this everyday staple. A comical feature documentary that questions the much publicized health claims of milk."

Got the Facts on Milk? - The Milk Documentary


  1. I believe that Milk in it's proper form is good for Human consumption. I believe that improperly processed milk is the problem.
    I follow the dietary guidance of Elijah Muhammad over ANYONE. I do respect and believe in veganism. I believe that God made milk especially for us because of the alpha, beta, and gamma infurions in it.

  2. I understand and respect that that is your belief but that is where we differ. I do not follow the guidance of any one person, nor do I expect anyone to solely follow mine. No one person has all the answers. My experience and extensive research has shown me enough to feel confident in what I post. I follow the science of the body and what my body tells me. Your body in most cases stops producing high enough amounts of lactase generally around the time a baby is weened off of its mothers breast. Lactase helps us to digest lactose (milk sugar). That is the reason that many black people are lactose intolerant. It's nature's way of telling us something. I like to listen. Whether milk is pasteurized, raw or organic, I'm not for it. As a dedicated vegan I do not partake in the consumption of any animals or animal by-products regardless of any claims attached to it.