Thursday, October 14, 2010

It has WHAT in it!?!

My son loves him some vegan treats so one day as we were looking for one at the local health food store, he picked up something with gelatin in it. I immediately told him to put it down, to which he responded, "whhhhhy!?!”

When I tried to explain to him what gelatin was, it seemed to go over his head and not understanding exactly what part of the animal it came from, he wasn't convinced that it should be off-limits.

"Why!?! Why can't I have it?"

"Honey, I already explained it to you."

"But it doesn't really have any animal parts in it! What part of the animal is it?"

Frustrated at this point, I gave into temptation.

"Look!!! It's pork butt ok! It's pork butt!!!"

A look of total disgust flashed over his face and he immediately put the package down and proceeded to go with my original request. Satisfied, I concluded that I would explain to him what gelatin really was at a later date, perhaps when he was a bit older.

Big mistake.

About a week later we were visiting another health food store and as we got to the checkout, he asked me if he could get a snack. I told him to hurry because I had already started to put the items we had picked up on the conveyor belt and people were beginning to line up behind me. I was almost finished checking out when he came sprinting towards me with a box of treats in hand. Knowing that I was almost done purchasing my items and not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to buy a snack, he decided to yell a question to me from across the store:

"Mom!!!!! Does this have pork butt in it!!!!?????!!!!"


Next time I think I'll take the time to explain to him what the ingredients in food items really mean. For my benefit, as well as his!! LOL

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  1. wow...that was so funny i'm crying...i can just see this child yelling from the aisle...thanks for the laugh.... keep pushing the real good food!!!