Friday, October 8, 2010

A Journey Into Wellness

I was the kid whose mother always had to set up meetings with teachers in order to discuss my extensive list of allergies, because per doctor’s orders, I wasn’t allowed to go outside for recess…ever. Too risky they said. I used to live in the local hospital. I was severely asthmatic, had chronic sinusitis, frequent nose bleeds and had an upset stomach almost daily. I was allergic to every kind of food you could think of and was even allergic to being outside. Pollen, ragweed, trees, grass, animals, you name it. In terms of food, I couldn’t eat every type of nut, sunflower seeds, pineapples, all beans, chick peas, lentils, split peas, milk, eggs or soy.

In high school my friends would always crack jokes on me because I ALWAYS carried around tissues. My nose wouldn’t stop running. Still no one around me, myself included, made the connection that it was the food I was eating that was the culprit. Back then I thought there was no way I could ever become vegetarian (much less vegan), even though the thought had always appealed to me. “Where would I get my protein from?” I thought lol. Plus I was content to eat whatever junk food I could get my hands on. I was blessed with a high metabolism so it became very easy to ignore the warning signs.

In 1998 I saw Erykah Badu being interviewed on tv speaking on her vegan diet. I thought it was extreme to say the least. No chicken? No milk chocolate? None of my favorite candies? Lol.

In 2002 I met some folks who were close to Dead Prez. This was the second time I had heard people speaking so adamantly about veganism. They were the picture of health. Amazing skin, healthy glow and not at all emaciated like the mental picture I had of vegans. When I got home I cut out meat from my diet that same day. And slowly but surely to my surprise I actually found my health improving. Not a complete turnaround, but significant enough to catch my attention.

It wasn’t until 2006 that I became vegan. Again I noticed a shift in my health for the better. But I still was reliant upon my asthma medication from time to time and was still plagued by other issues, just not as much as before.

A year later in 2007 I learned about the raw food diet. Had never even heard of it before then. My best friend and I decided to try it out. I was really reluctant though. Being vegan with so many dietary exclusions was already difficult, but to limit my diet even more?? I didn’t think I could do it. But nonetheless, we initially aimed to at least try it for a month. The first few weeks were a nightmare. I went through a detox to end all detoxes. I was tired all the time and had to virtually camp out beside the toilet. This lasted 3 full weeks. I spoke to Dr. Baruch at the time and he told me not to give up now. He explained that the severe detox symptoms I was experiencing were the building blocks of disease (which I had been adding onto for years) finally being released into my system, on their way out. Stop now, he said, and they will remain within your body and eventually manifest into more undesirable health conditions or worse if I didn’t change my ways. It was a scary thought so I took his advice and stuck with it, paying close attention to how I felt so I would know whether or not it was worth it to continue. But after that first month passed something started to happen. I actually started to feel good. Not just kinda good, really really good! Like the best I’d ever felt in my life. I felt blissful and light, my nose finally stopped running, I stopped needing to take my asthma medicine. The occasional headaches I would experience disappeared. Menstrual cycles no longer were a problem. My overall energy increased. My stomach aches went away. Skin cleared up. My indoor and outdoor allergies became a thing of the past. And I became regular like nobody’s business (lmao, sorry had to go there lol).To me it was nothing short of a miracle. I started tripping out over the prospect. Food can do this!?! Why didn’t anyone tell me this before!?! Who else knows about this? Lol.

The raw vegan diet had completely changed my life so it became easier as time went on to commit to it. Around the 6th month of being raw I decided to run a test on some of the things I was allergic to because the last time I had done such a test (to no avail) was around the time that I had started eating raw. Being vegan I was always hoping that more food options would one day open up for me. So I periodically checked in the hopes that I would no longer be allergic to so many things, even though I knew in reality the chances were very low. Most people grow out of their allergies as children, but it’s very rare for adults to grow out of the allergies they’ve had all their lives. But I was stubborn, thankfully. I started out with a teeny tiny piece of a sprouted chick pea. I had heard that sprouting foods breaks down the enzyme inhibitors and makes it easier to digest and by not cooking our foods we’re able to reap the benefits of all those natural enzymes, normally altered or destroyed by the cooking process. I timidly swallowed that first bite of chick pea…..No reaction. Usually my lip would swell and if I continued eating them I would get an asthma attack. But nothing happened. A few days later I did the same thing with sprouted lentils. No reaction. Sunflower seeds, no issues. Soy, same thing. Walnuts, cashews, pecans, and every other nut (except peanuts) no problem whatsoever. Went down the list and sure enough I could eat each and everything I was previously allergic to.

Now I don’t recommend that people aim to eat things like soy or any of the other hybrid foods I mentioned. In researching the teachings of Dr. Sebi I’ve learned that many of these foods are unnatural in constitution anyways and are very mucus forming (the source of every dis-ease). However, I’m sharing this story to draw attention to my discovery of the most amazing medicine known to man. Raw alkaline food. Building with Dr. Baruch, I came up with this analogy to help explain my previous allergies. Your body is like a cup that can only hold so many toxins at one time without the cup spilling over. Most people have fluctuating toxin levels due to dietary and environmental factors. But when that cup spills over, the real manifestations of illness begin to present themselves. This is the very reason, he explained, that people develop food allergies not just from birth (due to your mother’s health while in the womb), but later on in life. Toxins, especially those from unnatural foods, keep building up within your system, until your cup finally spills over and a “mysterious” allergy appears, seemingly out of nowhere. But it isn’t a coincidence, the effects are cumulative. Cut out the unhealthy elements of your diet and your body will once again move into normalcy. Raw (alkaline) food helps your body to do just that.

Dr. Sebi’s approach can also be applied to this and every other bodily condition. He describes how mucus within the body is the root cause of every ailment. Remove the mucus forming food and experience healing in every affected area.

Looking back on my journey into wellness I realized that every health ailment I once had could be traced back to diet. Every time I had cut out dairy, my sinuses would clear up and every time I brought it back it would again become a problem. In more recent years every time I ate soy I would break out and eventually developed menstrual issues, but every time I cut it out I would be fine. Moving from cooked to raw food however, took my health to an entirely different level. At that point I began to realize that every disease and every cure was diet related. The answer for me was not only going vegan but becoming raw vegan (Dr. Sebi style). And though many people think it’s an extreme version of an already extreme diet, I say the only thing extreme is watching your health deteriorate and not doing something about it. As someone who was stricken with sickness my whole entire life, I have tried every so called cure or remedy out there, and can say that I haven’t come close to anything like this in my 30 plus years of life. There’s a reason why people who do it can’t stop talking about it.

But don’t take it from me, since words don’t teach, try it for yourself and let your own experience act as the proof you need.


-Aiya Abrihet


  1. Greeting Queen!
    The site is beautiful! I've recently been hit with quite a few health issues in the last month. Hypertension, borderline diabetes, and gall stones. I have a family history of all these ailments, and should have taken better care of myself. Youth does not last forever. I turned 40 this year, decided to get a complete health screening and was floored. I'm now looking to do what I've been threatening to do for a complete breaking down and re- building of my body. I've seen the glamorous pictures of some of our delicacies, and I can see no qualms about eating like that. I WANT TO BE DOWN!!!! YOU'VE INSPIRED ME!!!!


  2. Thank you Queen! I really appreciate that. It's not always easy to break the chains of how we are accustomed to eating, but the good news is that once we do every condition, ailment and/or diagnosis can be improved upon or completely eradicated. Keep striving sis, I'm confident that you will get to where you want to be. Appreciate you sharing. Peace and love :)

  3. Peace be unto you Sister. Just as Sister Ntozake said, you have inspired me. I've been toying with the idea of changing my diet for the longest time but my habits are hard to kick. I've been able to stop the pork for a couple of years now but I want to kick ALL that is unhealthy for me. The vegan discipline still seems super extreme to me but after reading over the content of your blog, I'm goin' all in!!! Do you have some kind of group where those who are new to this healthier way of living could keep in touch? The support would be awesome in an instance where there isn't any support in our immediate circle. I most humbly thank you for all that you do....... I appreciate you Sister!!!

  4. Peace and love sis. Thank you for that. You're right, it feels very extreme at first. I remember my first few months as a vegan. It gets much easier and easier in time. I'm glad you're going all in. Just know that whether you jump right in or slowly transition it's all good as long as you get to where you want to be in the end. I don't have any groups right now but I am coaching a few people one on one. So whatever I know or have come across I'm always more than happy to share. Support is important. When you have a healthy group of people with like intentions around you it makes the transition a smoother one. My e-mail is Give me a shout if you want to build some more :)