Friday, December 3, 2010

Herbs That Cure

Two of Dr. Sebi’s commonly recommended herbs. Burdock root and Sarsaparilla (also known as Sar'sas'parilla).

Both are highly regarded for their blood purification properties. People always ask me which herbs are great to detox and cleanse the body. These two are a great place to start. Anti-viral, microbial, fungal, anti-cancerous and rich in several essential vitamins and minerals. These bad boys will pick up the toxins in your body and flush them right out due to their diuretic properties.

I’m going to use the sarsaparilla as loose tea. For the burdock it’s best to finely chop and soak the raw root to reduce some of the tannin content (especially important if you are prone to anemia), then you can dry it for tea, eat it raw, put it in smoothies, or even cook with it.

Remember that herbs are potent medicine. Although they are natural you should always research thoroughly and follow the advice of a trusted herbalist because they do sometimes come with precautions and interactions/side effects. –Aiya Abrihet Jna-Asha

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