Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Teams of Scientists Have Cracked the Genetic Codes of the Wild Strawberry"

The natural food on this earth contains all that the body needs to create and maintain health on all levels. It's written into its makeup and molecular structure. Once consumed it sends restorative messages to the cells of our body, and ensures that our health soars. Natural food is like a reset button. Restoring us to our natural state of well being on a cellular level and beyond.

But when natural food is tampered with biologically it no longer contains that primordial message of restoration. Once consumed these "foods" confuse our cells that were designed to eat only that which grows of its own doing, not that which is cultivated merely for convenience sake and monetary gain.

"Because farmers have been cross-breeding and hybridizing food crops for centuries to improve traits, they tend to have large complicated genomes but the wild strawberry's is relatively small so we can get access to all of these useful genes comparatively easily,' said Dan Sargent of Britain's Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) Crop Science Initiative, who worked on the project...

This will accelerate research that will lead to improved crops, particularly commercial strawberries," said Todd Mockler, of Oregon State University, one of the lead researchers on the team in the United States."

The intent behind cultivated fruits and veggies is mass production. Splicing various genes from a variety of sources (even human genes) into produce for the purpose of everything from disease resistance, repelling insects, increasing growth rate, to overall aesthetic appearance.

Is this what we call progress?

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