Saturday, January 8, 2011

Autism is Treatable!

It was my son’s former pediatrician, a medical doctor who specialized in alternative remedies, who first put me on to this information. Several years ago my son was diagnosed with autism and after reviewing the results of his blood work, his doctor strongly recommended that I stop giving him dairy and gluten. I decided to do as he advised, feeling that I had nothing to lose. I didn't expect much but what I started to notice was shocking. I began to see huge changes in his behavior for the better and just one week later his teachers reported a remarkable improvement in his behavior and focus as well. None of them were aware of his change in diet at the time, but all of them agreed that something was up. Was the whole thing just a coincidence? His doctor and I didn't think so, and we’re not the only ones.

His pediatrician explained that in some people proteins like casein (milk protein) and gluten (protein found in grains like wheat) act as opiates within the body. In other words, in sensitive individuals, these proteins have the potential to alter moods and behaviors, sometimes even drastically just like a drug would do. By removing casein and gluten from their diet, some parents are finding that their autistic children are starting to take on more and more “normal” behaviors. When I fully transitioned my son to a vegan diet a short time later, and gave him a daily dose of cilantro and other natural chelators (substances that bind to and pull heavy metals from the body) to help excrete the mercury from his system (his mercury readings were off the chart from what his doctor and I account to him being vaccinated), his behavior once again dramatically improved. Now the symptoms of his disorder are barely noticeable and most people who don’t know him personally can’t tell that he was once diagnosed.

My son’s doctor further explained that the list of suspect ingredients unfortunately doesn't stop there. Red food dyes, like those extracted from the cochineal beetle (carmine), are known to cause potentially serious allergic reactions, and are believed to have an effect on the behavior of children as well. Each day more and more young people are being diagnosed with developmental disabilities such as autism and ADHD. The instances within the black community are growing also, but what exactly has led to the increase in these types of cases?

Children’s fragile systems are hit with so many toxins before their very first birthday. Unnatural vaccines, chemicals in the air, water and food supply and the breakdown of strong healthy families within our neighborhoods all contribute to this epidemic. Studies have shown that children who come to school hungry do not perform as well academically, but what about children who are experiencing adverse reactions to the foods they eat? In addition to social stigmatization, the “hood diet” might be one of the reasons our young black brothers and sisters are struggling within our school systems. We must take control of what we can, if you or someone you know is currently experiencing something similar, know that there are countless natural options out there that can significantly improve the lives of families affected by this condition. Check out the following websites for more information:

Informational Resources:

The following are two very informative websites all centered around the belief that "Autism is Treatable!"

Generation Rescue:

The Autism Research Institute:

Find a Doctor:

Many of the health professionals listed below are medical doctors, but like my son's former pediatrician they specialize in alternative treatments, many of which are covered by most health insurance. Some of them also treat other behavioral conditions such as ADHD so be sure to ask if you require such treatment.

DAN (Defeat Autism Now) Practitioners

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