Friday, January 28, 2011

Belly Fat

If the body is said to regenerate itself at the cellular level every 7 years, what are you replacing your dead and decaying cells with?

When you learn better ways of doing things do you continue with old patterns that no longer serve you, or do you move past the temporary discomfort to reach new heights? 

Whether you choose to take part in it or not you are constantly evolving. 

Question is, what are you evolving into?

Which leads us to a touchy subject among many women...belly fat!

Kangaroo pouch, forward love handle, baby weight, regardless of what you call it I'm going to say what someone should have told me a long time ago:

If your baby is out of diapers there's no excuse!

Unless you like being that way of course, but who honestly does? I'm not advocating being bone skinny, nor am I speaking of adhering to anyone else's standard of beauty. I'm simply speaking on meeting your own individual goals in the weight department. And by the looks of it many of us aren't...not even close (men you too). 

I can speak on this so freely because up until recently (this month actually) I had a little pouch. Never had a problem with weight whatsoever, but after I had my son (over a decade ago mind you lol) I never regained the flat stomach I used to have. Even with a proper diet the pouch remained. Not a huge pouch, actually barely noticeable when clothed (hee hee), but still a pouch nonetheless. So for me, my goal was to tone up my thighs, thicken up my skinny calves and minimize my belly. But whether your goals are big or small the answer is always the same.


Let's take a closer look at exercise and more specifically aerobics. The word aerobics literally means the carriage, use or presence of oxygen. Aerobic activity brings the life giving force all throughout your body. You need it, I need it, our cells need it (even beyond weight loss).

We hear it all the time but who really has the time and mental focus? Well, even if it's a consistent 10-20 minutes a day, it's still better than nothing. 

And if you do currently eat a healthy diet, the effects of exercise will be seen in half the time. Not to mention the increased energy and overall "damn I feel good" feeling. 

Like I said, just one month has FINALLY got my stomach back to where I've longed for it to be for years. Years!!! Now I'm scratching my head wondering what took me so long.

(a very pregnant me)

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