Sunday, January 30, 2011

Food For Thought...

"People are quick to look at the stock market and say that it's good if it's going up and bad if it's going down, when in truth it may not even mean that at all. Because when you look at pharmaceuticals, you look at prisons, you look at war, you look at ammunition, when they're selling high the stock market is up. So that means that more people are sick, more people are being arrested, there are many negative things happening that are driving the stock market up. 

But what if suddenly people were to wake up and stop eating bad food, stop eating fast food, what if they would wake up and start exercising, what if they would wake up and start doing a tremendous amount of preventative measures, then the pharmaceutical companies would go down and the stock market would go down but it would reflect something good. So you can't really look at the stock market as an indicator of something good other than profit and all profit is not a good thing". - Michael Bernard Beckwith

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