Saturday, January 1, 2011

Get Your Glow On!

As we age our skin becomes thinner, loses elasticity and sometimes just looks tired, dull and lack luster. Diet, exercise and making sure we drink plenty of water will help to slow the aging process, but even the best of us could use a natural boost every once and a while.

Lately I've been mixing and concocting herbal formulas to help my friends and family with various health conditions and stumbled across one that has had excellent benefits on the skin. Since taking it myself my skin has been extra glowy, soft and refreshed looking and the compliments on my complexion keep on coming. Here's the herbs I've been using:

Yellow Dock
Marshmallow Root
Pau d'Arco
Rose Hips

(Buy the above herbs in loose tea form if at all possible. This formula is to be taken internally. I use about a tablespoon of each herb. I'm working on one to be used topically as well so stay tuned)...

Oh and almost forgot Happy New Year to all who celebrate it on this day. Peace, love and infinite joy! Life is most certainly what you make it, so I will that all of you make this year one that meets all of your desires and more ♥


  1. Thanks for this recipe! I can't find all of the ingredients at my local markets (where I live is culturaly challenged-lol) but I found the ones I was missing ONLINE... You should look into distributing this (I know your brilliant mind has already thought of doing that). I would buy a supply for sure! Keep up the good work and thank you for all the positive vibrations and information you bless your people with! Health is Wealth! :o)

  2. You're welcome Lolita :) I have found that some of the ingredients are a bit hard to locate too depending on where you live. Glad you found them all though. Check out the happy cow website for local health food stores in your area. I thought I knew every health food store where I live but found a few more by going on this site. I've thought about bottling various herbal formulas in the past because when something works for me I just want to share it and for everyone to know about it! But your words are very inspiring. I will have to look into doing so further. Thank you! Health IS Wealth :)