Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It’s Time For a Change

The key is to not wait until you get sick to make changes to your diet. When cancer patients first get diagnosed, one of the first things that doctors recommend they do diet wise is eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables. Even classically trained doctors get that part right, so why is it that we wait until we get such a diagnosis to do what we know we should already be doing in regards to our health and diet? 

Everyone knows deep down which foods will promote healing and which ones will take away from their health. We all know that McDonald's has not tapped into the fountain of youth, so there has to come a time when the decision is made to stop eating what doesn’t serve us. Our communities are in crisis and it’s truly a sad state of affairs but we have to make a choice. Either we make the decision to seriously take care of ourselves, or our body will make the decision to respond accordingly to what we’ve been feeding it. 

The fact is that the people in charge of our food supply are playing with our health. They are taking ingredients from animals, often sick and injected with antibiotics, or fish infected with mercury and they are knowingly tainting our foods with it. Of all this tainted food, the black community has some of the worst food options of all. Our corner stores are filled with foods that contain many harmful preservatives and chemicals, some that are animal derived and some that are not, but many of which are dangerous to our health.

Why are our people dying from preventable causes at such disproportionate rates than the rest of the masses? We can’t just take this information and continue as if it’s business as usual. Our current conditions are unacceptable and we should be outraged and motivated to change.

Taking Your Health into Your Own Hands: What You Can Do to Change Unhealthy Patterns

We have to make our health our number one priority. Step our game up. If you can’t pronounce it and don’t know what it is, don’t eat it or give it to your children. Do your research. Read labels. If you don’t know what it means, don’t assume that it won’t do any damage. Look it up online. Ask members of the holistic community about what they know. Look into what alternative health experts are saying about the food that you’re eating. Find out why people are raving about the benefits of a vegan and even a raw vegan diet.

Don’t be discouraged. It may seem like a lot to take in at first but in time it will get easier and your body will show you the proof that you need to motivate you to continue. Most of all “don’t believe the hype”. If the information is coming at you from someone who hasn't proven that they’re looking out for what’s best for you, or from someone who has a vested interest in keeping you sick, or even someone who hasn’t taken the time to research what they’re trying to convince you, be skeptical. Look towards individuals in your community that are thriving both physically and mentally instead.

Above all there is no better teacher than what your own experience can provide. We often don’t make the connection between what we eat and how we feel, but the fact is that our personal well being is directly tied to our diet. We've trained ourselves away from paying attention to our body and instead act out of habit, taste and convenience when it comes to the food we eat and feed our families. It may feel convenient at the moment to continue doing things the way we’ve always done them, but convenience shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when buying food. The health of our families and our collective future depends on the choices we make today. Choose wisely.


  1. oh my! Peace sis! This is such a great blog! speak the truth! I have been making the transition to vegetarian/vegan for about 6 months now. It wasn't even difficult. I immediately felt like I was healing my body. I had more energy and mentally, I had a serious sense of clairity. I already didn't eat pork but I still consumed beef, chicken, fish, and some shellfish. When I actually started paying attention to how my body responds to certain foods, I noticed that steak makes me ill and is very hard for me to digest. my stomach just churns and hurts during digestion. Shellfish makes me itch. Fish makes me nauseated. And chicken cadavers just smell bad. LOL. you are SO right when you said "our personal well being is directly tied to our diet". I'm very happy with my new way of living and your blogs and FB posts are so inspiring! They have really helped me and schooled me too! :o) Peace to you and yours!

  2. Thank you for this Lolita! Your words are really uplifting! Congrats on your transition sis! You are doing what most do not, and that's paying attention to what your body is telling you. Every body claims to be an expert in health these days, but there is no better expert than you. Our body lets us know what's good for us and what's not. We just need to work on listening a bit more. Thank you again sis! Look forward to building with you more soon. Peace and love! :)