Monday, January 17, 2011

Kale Chips!

Meet every raw vegan's best friend! Kale chips!!!

Every time I make these they never even make it off the dehydrator tray before they're finished. My son and I literally dive in. But today we waited just long enough to take this pic. Now sadly, they're gone lol.

They are so easy to make, and besides being nutritious, are so yummy. A great way to get your children to eat right. I think my son loves them more than I do.

I literally threw a few handfuls of cashews in the food processor, 1 habanero pepper, 1 red pepper, a few shakes of nutritional yeast, a few squirts of lime, some dried herbs and himalayan pink salt. Blend all of the ingredients together with a little water till smooth, then slather the mixture onto pieces of kale and you're almost done. Dehydrate at around 105-115 degrees overnight or as long as it takes for them to get crispy and that's it! Don't worry about measuring. Seriously. As long as the mixture you make tastes good to you, they will come out extra flavorful as dehydrating foods pulls out all the water, thus making the flavors more potent.

Enjoy!!! :)


  1. These are beautiful sis! Excited to try them!

  2. Thank you sis! Let me know what you think when you do! :)

  3. I tried making them once and I used a similar ingredient list and had to throw them out as they tasted really bad. I'm willing to try them again however when I get my dehydrator that has a temperature setting.

  4. Wow! You're the first person I've heard that from. Even my son who is Mr. Picky loves them. But everyone is different of course. You'll find that these ingredients are pretty standard with the exception of a few spices. Some add sunflower seeds and even carrots but I don't too much like those. Did you use a dehydrator the first time? One of the first times I made them they came out kinda bland but I didn't really coat the kale enough or leave it to dry out long enough. Either way let me know what you think the second time around :)