Sunday, January 23, 2011

Raw Scramble

Leading a raw lifestyle is not always about getting your gourmet on. Most of the food preparations on my blog took less than an hour. Some less than a 1/2 hour. The tasty bad boy below...10 minutes flat. This, along with a side salad was our Sunday brunch.

Sprouted almonds, kale, cilantro, onions, squash, hot peppers, turmeric and a few other dried herbs and spices (all roughly chopped in the food processor) and voila! It's supposed to be the raw counterpart to scrambled eggs, but it tastes way better in my family's opinion. ;)


  1. Is that butternut squash and is it completely raw?

  2. No butternut squash. The ingredients are listed. Yep, 100% raw. :)