Monday, January 31, 2011

Vegan on the Go

(Literally combing the streets of Paris for a vegan spot. Don't go to Paris in August btw, the whole city is shut down lol)

One of the hardest things about being a vegan is letting go of the convenience you once had in eating on the go. Depending on where you live, the nearest veggie spot might be miles away and when you do find a non-veggie spot that serves up vegan options (the type of restaurant that I only patronize when desperate), the choices might not be that appetizing. So what's a vegan to do?

Plan ahead. It sucks I know but it's so important. I keep relearning this lesson the hard way every time I'm away from home. Take today for instance. All I brought with me on an extended day trip was 2 raw bars, a banana and a bottle of water and had no time to grab anything else all day. I'm not sure about other folks but I tend to eat a lot of little meals throughout the day, so this didn't cut it. By the time I arrived home my stomach was cursing my name lol. I almost cracked on the way home and bought some vegan nachos because it's at these times that we are the most tempted. But to avoid this predicament and prevent yourself from slipping up on not so healthy choices try some of these tips...

Buy yourself a non-leaching stainless steel beverage container/bottle. Great for smoothies, nut milks, freshly squeezed juices or whatever. Many times we misinterpret our body's signals, believing that we're hungry when it's actually thirst that we're suffering from. You can also buy a non-leaching thermos if you're not doing raw. Throw in some boiling water to fill prior to leaving (to keep it warm for hours), then throw out the water and add your hot soup, pasta or dish of choice.

Bring along a wide variety of fruits. That bunch of blueberries might not look so appetizing in the fridge after you've just had a meal, but try several hours later when the hunger pangs set in. It's like the flavors become alive lol. The rationale behind bringing along more than one kind of fruit is to satisfy your palate no matter what the craving.

Bring along a dissembled salad. Make your own dressing and stow in one container, leave the greens in another and fresh toppings like sesame seeds or crushed nuts for example in yet another. If possible leave any veggies you plan to add intact until the last minute, cutting hass avocados and cucumbers right before eating (a great way to maintain maximum enzyme availability).

Raw bars are very convenient but today I got tired of them really quick so when all else fails, know your local veg spots. You might be surprised to find that there are more health food stores/restaurants nearby than you imagined.

I always share this link cause it has literally saved me countless times when travelling to Canada and Europe (not to mention within the US).

Be realistic. When you adopt this lifestyle know that you're unfortunately a minority and so every dietary whim may not be available to you right at the second you need/want it to be. The good news is that times are changing and more and more vegan spots are opening up everyday. In the meantime, let it serve as inspiration to step up your own culinary game, rather than as empty frustration.

And finally, go easy about it. No one's perfects. If I had of slipped up and ordered the veggie nachos today, you can best believe I would have started fresh without a guilty conscious tomorrow. Life is a string of choices and the choice to go vegan is an admirable one regardless of if you haven't worked out all the kinks and cravings ;)


  1. I can definitely agree with this post. Vegan foods are not as convenient as everything else, so just be prepared as much as you can. Try to make the best healthy decision you can when vegan restaurants are not readily available.

    I just started my Vegan journey in November and Im lovin it :)

  2. In Washington they have a few healthier vegan options popping up around but mostly, I created my own specialties that I adore more than anything I would get outside. I notice that since going raw the choices are absent for raw items that a dehydrator is needed to create. All is well, until I can find a dehydrator locally, I will continue to enjoy your site and a few others that give some nice ideas for staying focused and motivated!


    Peace and Love, Ariel