Friday, February 18, 2011

Far Away From Here...

Through all my complaints I need to remain thankful for what I have. Being thankful for where you are doesn't mean that you don't want more out of life as it naturally unfolds, it just means appreciating what you have while you have it.

If I could tell you the things I've seen this week alone. People living so bad, it didn't even look like America (or maybe it does smh). Not ghetto, straight up poverty. Folks opening the door to their homes...and the stink. Children being cursed out terribly by parents visibly strung out on drugs. Saw one man walk outside, hold his head and just scream.

If you say it's nothing new I'd be even more saddened. These kind of conditions should always provoke feelings of outrage.

I could say stay up my people, but those would just be words, so take a load off if you need to and listen...

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