Thursday, February 3, 2011

Get Your Glow On - Part 2

The trainer at my new job has this great skin. I noticed it as soon as he walked into the room. I've never seen anyone with skin like that, the brother literally glowed. I wanted to ask him what his eating habits were so bad but it's not exactly PC so I decided not to. Thankfully on our break our conversation diverted to my eating habits. It's so funny how people who are health conscious can almost telepathically spot one another, never fails. Turns out that for about a month he's been drinking kangen water from the same source that my mother gets hers from (this guy who gives away gallons of it at a nearby Amish market).

The first time I drank it, I immediately felt the difference. Besides the extremely clean and crisp taste, I felt truly hydrated in a way I never had before. That night I slept so soundly and woke up feeling super light and energized. I fell in love with the stuff from then on.

When I asked the trainer what differences he had noted since he started drinking it, he also mentioned the sounder sleep benefit and a whole lot of others. He was sold and so am I. I mean it has to be something if I could spot his skin from across the room lol. After all, our skin does tend to give great insight into the overall state of our health.

Kangen water, for those who don't know is alkaline water. Water with a significantly higher PH level than traditional bottled sources, and definitely higher than tap water. They do sell alkaline water at health food stores but I haven't had any that compare to this one and I've tried about 5 or 6  different brands.

When our body is in a state of alkalinity we don't get sick because the corrosive/damaging roll that acid plays on our insides is greatly diminished.

The filter itself goes for about $3800 so I'll have to wait a little while to get it (I'm about to get a Blendtec woohoo lol). But it's such a worthwhile investment. Might seem like a lot, but really what's worth more than your health?

(All alkaline water is not created equally, so be sure to look for the Kangen name).

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  1. Ha! Thanks for sharing. Bout to look this up now :)