Friday, February 11, 2011

Listen to Your Body

The human body is magnificently designed. So much so that science has barely scratched the surface of all of its complex functions. Thankfully though, it comes equipped with a sophisticated feedback mechanism which acts just as an interpreter would, providing processable information on how we're maintaining it in ways that we can understand i.e. bodily feelings and sensations, ranging from aches, pains and listlessness, to energy bursts or feelings of well being.

Over the years I have become very good at diagnosing the dis-eases people have acquired after spending only a minute or two in their presence.

Hoarseness in the voice and hunched shoulders often indicating respiratory conditions. Paleness in the extremities and skin signifying anemia. Yellowing of the eyes or skin also pointing to anemia, or liver problems. Bulging eyes equating thyroid complications. Flushed skin (especially in people of African descent) pointing to high blood pressure. These are all simplified examples because I never go off of only one sign (as one sign can point to many different conditions), but upon verifying with the person in question, I've never been wrong. However, it's not rocket science. The signs are all there to be read. Sometimes we've just become so accustomed to ignoring them that we no longer pay attention. Until the condition has needlessly progressed to a critical point that is.

It's important for us to become our own health advocates. Unpleasant bodily sensations (as well as physically noticeable ones) are not meant to be ignored. It's our body screaming at us with the intention of restoring balance because our natural state is one of health and wellness. By no means would I advise anyone to run into the arms of a corporate funded physician for treatment of such ailments, but instead would recommend some extensive research and the consultation of someone who knows what they're doing from a holistic/herbal standpoint.

Sometimes our bodies need resetting. It's nothing to be embarrassed about or feared. So don't ignore the signs, act on them without worry...Knowing that "our body can in fact heal itself naturally from a variety of persistent conditions, once perceived to be permanent." -Aiya


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