Sunday, February 27, 2011

Natural Hair Care

It has never been easier to do my hair. I wake up in the morning, wet it, slap on some raw shea butter and I'm out the door.

As black women we're taught to avoid wetting our hair. Mostly because it ruins the appearance of perms, but according to my sister Janine (who has published an E-book on the topic), your hair gets hydrated from water not from oils. The oils may help seal in the water, but it's the water itself that does most of the work.

It might sound strange to some. I know in reading her book it was the first I'd ever heard of it, but it works. I do it everyday and my hair has been growing like a weed and it's only been a year that I chopped it all off. Now when blown out it's to my shoulders. It's also very strong and shiny.

Another friend attributes my rapid hair growth to the herb moringa which I have been taking for several months now. But no matter what combination of things has contributed to it, a healthy lifestyle will definitely help in all aspects of your appearance. Hair being just one of the many areas that will visibly improve. 


  1. Thank you for sharing Aiya. I have found all of your posts very informative and helpful. Keep on shining Sistar x

  2. Nothing but the truth! I love my natural hair :)