Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Raw Collard Wraps

A very very (very) old wise man once told me that collard greens were a staple among slaves and prior to slavery were only used as second rate cattle feed. They're also considered by Dr. Sebi to be hybrids. I was so bummed out by this cause I love raw collard greens! So now I stay away from them most days but allow myself to have them on the rare occasion...

Such as today baybee!! lol

Shameful history though, all jokes aside.


  1. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad hated them as well. They are very nutritious despite their reputation. And be mindful, animals eat a lot of the same food humans eat. Would you stop eating corn and grain too?

  2. Peace sis. I think the key word here is second rate. It's interesting that you mentioned corn because according to many people the practice of giving anything other than grass to cattle is causing a rise in ecoli bacteria. Acidifying the stomachs of these animals and making them ecoli resistant. So I hear ya, but my feeling is that everything plant based isn't necessarily good for us. I don't do a lot of grains (prefer pseudo grains like quinoa for example) and as we built on it recently corn is on the no eat list for me too.

  3. Did you see Food Inc? They had this corn feed cow with a hole in it's side so they could monitor his digestive track. EWWW!

    When you think about it, cattle graze on grass, not corn so introducing something that is not natural to an animal even if it is not poisonous will cause some trouble.