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Have you heard about the RBG FIT CLUB? It's a movement founded by Khnum "Stic" Ibomu of Dead Prez with the mission of improving the lives of folks within our communities in the areas of health, wellness and fitness. It's so important to lead a balanced life in these times. Can't eat well but not exercise, or exercise and not have a healthy mind. All of these elements are needed for us to reach our collective goals. 

Check out an excerpt from a recent interview with Stic by Ayara 'That Poet'/

ATP: Can you tell me about RBG Fit Club? RBG Fit Club is a community campaign that I started to promote health and fitness amongst our fans and amongst our community. Black and browns, red and yellow community. Poor communities that could use some motivation. All of us could use some motivation to be healthier. It’s a new campaign that gonna really be growin’ internationally throughout this year and the years to come. I’m launching my solo album ‘The Workout’ to also help push the RBG Fit Club. We have 5 basic things that we’re tryna teach and share as we build a community of health professionals, healers, trainers, martial artists, vegetarians – people like that. Our main 5 principles of the RBG Fit Club are; Knowledge, Nutrition, Exercise, Rest and Consistency. In our workshops that we do where we go to colleges and we do things in community organizations, that’s what we’re teaching. We’re teaching that in order to have health and fitness goals you have to have the correct knowledge and apply it to your goals. You have to have balance in Nutrition and that isn’t necessarily in that food pyramid that you were taught in school. 

ATP: You are a Vegan, right? Yes I am. But we don’t teach that you have to be a vegan to be healthy. We teach the principles of nutrition as it relates to where you can get certain nutrients from. That is mostly green vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, berries and things like that, but there’s room for being open minded and everybody’s body doesn't work the same. We’re not tryna be a dogmatic organization. We’re tryna be an umbrella, or hub to expose people to health and fitness and let people make the best decisions for their body. The core of the RBG Fit Club is the regular exercise. You can do anything from boxing, yoga, weight training, running, dancing, martial arts, swimming – so many different ways that you can get that in. We try to expose that and encourage people to be active. Rest, that’s number four- very important and often overlooked. Rest is about getting the right amount of sleep. Rest is about learning how to meditate, learning how to conquer stress by relaxing activities and that’s a part of your overall health. The final principle is the most important- Consistency. We teach and we advocate and we live that you don’t have to be perfect in 1-4 but if you’re consistent, don’t fall off and say ‘I tried that. It didn't’ work and so I stopped.’ Say ‘Now I’m gonna start again’. We teach ways to keep you motivated. We have personal trainers, holistic counselors and holistic doctors in our network. One of the main ways of motivation is teaching how to set goals and using things like music and other elements to give people a sense of ‘I can do it. I’m gonna stay focused.’ Hopefully my album will be a great introduction into this phenomenon. I’m looking forward and excited to building a new community campaign. I’ll maybe save some lives. Maybe motivate some more people.

You can read the rest of the interview by clicking here.

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