Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Raw Walnut Milk

Walnuts are so good for you. Alkaline forming, rich in fatty acids, great for the heart, blood circulation, proper bone health, anti-cancer...The ground hulls of black walnuts are also a great naturopathic remedy for microbial and parasitic infections. Walnuts are a must have in your pantry.

Just finished two full glasses. I don't like walnuts alone (bleh!) but this came out even better than my homemade almond milk. I put the vanilla bean stalk on the side trying to be all fancy lol but I actually didn't add any vanilla beans to it. But just in the time I took to snap this, the vanilla flavor had seeped in quite a bit.

I took two handfuls of raw walnuts (soaked overnight as always, deactivating enzyme inhibitors), a handful of deglet dates (those are the thinner, drier ones), 1 hass avocado, 1 banana and water to fill 3/4 of my blender (up to about the 50 ounce mark).

Yum yum yuuuum! My creamiest concoction yet. LOL. Ok that sounded gross but you know what I mean ;)

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