Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's Your PH?

"Disease can only exist in an environment that is acid...Only consistent use of natural botanical remedies will effectively cleanse and detoxify a diseased body, reversing it to its intended alkaline state." -Dr. Sebi

Woohoo! My saliva is alkaline lol. Here's a snapshot of the PH saliva test I just took.

(The color change to the right marks where you fall on the PH scale).

As the picture shows, the ideal area you want to fall under is anywhere from 6.5 to 7.5. Anything less than that is too acidic.

Testing your urine is said to be more effective. I just did mine and it was also alkaline. Wouldn't it be funny if it came back acidic? lol. With all the mess I talk about eating healthy and going alkaline lmao.

These PH tests are a great way to determine how alkaline you really are. Can't preach about living well and have acid flowing within and from your body. As Dr. Sebi said, disease can only exist where there is an acidic environment. Eat more alkaline forming foods and kiss your diseases away.

You can pick up these PH strips at your local health food store for around $17.

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