Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Benefits of Juicing

Many people ask me what they can expect when they start juicing (after the initial detox period diminishes).

Taziyah Bandele, one half of the hiphop group PanAfrikanZ, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands juices fresh fruits and veggies daily. I've known him and his brother AminHassan IsIyahmin since back when myspace was alive and well lol. I built with him recently on the effects he has experienced since he embarked on the journey of juice fasts (feasts) and he had this to say:

Check out the jewels...

1. Feel more fit, sharp and spiritually sensitive.

2. Less cravings for sweets, even vegan sweets.

3. Smoother skin and my hair grows really fast.

4. Sometimes I experience headaches through being too busy and sometimes I develop a cold, but through putting the right juice together, I've noticed that the healing starts to work immediately and the effects can be noticed right away.

5. Through making fresh juices, I stopped buying any juice from the store. Even the health food store which is pretty expensive over here.

6. Juicing keeps me in a balance with food consumption. I don't have the feeling to eat every time, you could say this results in some weight loss. I love to feed myself when only necessary and really feel like eating. Not eat just to fill.

7. Through juicing I am consuming more raw foods which in turn become liquid.

8. Through juicing I am getting my Recommended Daily Allowance of vegetables and fruits.

9. My alkaline level is raised up through green juicing.

10. Overall, juicing for health provides vital nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for our bodies to repair themselves, strengthen the immune system and for cell regeneration and growth. The results can be different for each of us, really depending on how one's treating themselves daily. A holistic approach I prefer, because there you work on all levels, body, mind, spirit. But starting with juicing and especially juice fasting to make a change in one's life, is a good beginning. It opens the way for more self-temple-healing. - Taziyah

There you have it!

*Three of Taziyah's latest creations. Check out the lovely website in the background of the second one lol.

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