Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Go Fruitarian?

By now most of us have heard the claim of why we humans are natural born vegans based on the structure of our teeth, intestinal tract, and many other physiological traits that we share with herbivores. But a friend put me onto this video which takes it even further, showing why we are all physically meant to be fruitarians.

I've always dismissed a fruitarian diet, feeling that it missed out on all the goodies that our bodies need as vegans, but this video throws that all into question. I don't see myself ever being 100% fruitarian, but at the very least I appreciate the scientific approach to the argument:


  1. I have the fruititarian questions too. That just cannot be completely healthy. And I'm not going to go on because I am liable to insult someone. But consider this... All that fruit acid is bad for your teeth!

  2. Nah sis you should go on if that's how you feel. But I hear you, it always sounded a little weird to me but I'll admit I never did too much research into it. Love this video because sis backs up what she's saying but I'll still never let go of my leafy greens and things of that nature. I guess if we look hard enough there's always room for improvement in every school of thought.