Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dandelion Greens

One woman's unsightly garden is another woman's treasure! For the longest time I was afraid to harvest my own dandelion greens. It made no sense, I would bypass tons of them on the way to the organic grocer where I would buy them almost every week. Well once I got over that, I realized that I had hit a gold mine.

I could save a lot each year, plus in knowing the source, I know they are 100% organic, contaminant free (my backyard isn't flush to any main roads or curious dogs for that matter lol), and there's nothing like picking your own greens then eating them very shortly after. Super energizing!!

Here's a cluster I picked today. This would have been close to 10 dollars at the grocery. The younger you pick them (pre-flowers), the softer and less bitter they are. But bitter isn't necessarily a bad thing, bitter herbs are great for digestion. Dandelion leaves (and roots) have almost too many benefits to name but some of the most celebrated are their ability to cleanse, detoxify and alkalinize the blood, their diuretic properties and their ability to curb anemia. I eat them raw in salads or by themselves, as is. 

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  1. I know they are good for you. My mother said she used to eat these when she was young... B.U.T..... They taste god awful! I could never bring myself to eat more than a fork full of these things. I prefer tea. But big props to y'all that can handle these things....