Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Look Inside My Pantry...

One of the first things that people ask me when they find out about my raw food lifestyle is: What do you eat!? Well here's a snapshot of just some of what's going on in my pantry. I would have taken a pic of my fridge but suffice it to say that it's filled to the brim with kale and other leafy greens, coconuts and veggies galore.

Ok so let's see...We got nori and dulse (front, far left), moringa (green top, contact sis Nadra Rae on FB to purchase), medjool and deglet dates (front, far right), raw coconut butter, raw coconut oil, raw tahini (middle), goji berries, REALLY raw unpasteurized almonds, raw walnuts, raw shredded coconut, black quinoa, my trusted BPA free gallon water jug (blue one, far left) and my new favorite non-leaching, non-BPA, non-cadmium, non-toxic, non-EVERYTHING stainless steel thermos by thinksport.

I'm a proponent of hot teas. Not all raw foodists are but as a healer, it's what I do and their medicinal properties/benefits (often extracted by the steeping process) is something I'm all for. Anyhoo, the other day I poured some hot tea in my thinksport thermos at around 7AM. It has a built in removable strainer so I poured the water in, loose tea and all. Drove to class, tried to sip some about an hour later and burned my tongue. Took a Tai Chi class for almost 2 hours and then came back and burned my tongue again lol. This thing stays hot! I also use it for raw nut milks/smoothies. It keeps them at a consistent temperature throughout the day, whether cold or room temperature. Love it!!

I'm currently learning how to cultivate and dry wild herbs, but until I get there I think I might be Oregon's Wild Harvest's best customer lol. Love their herbs!! Organic and surprisingly fresh and potent. The only ones not labeled are the sarsaparilla and hops to the far right, dried elder berries hidden under the turmeric and marshmallow root and raw chlorella towards the back (behind the elder flower). I don't advise that everyone go out and buy every herb pictured here without thorough research, but if you know of various herbs and their effects, they can become a trusted ally in every household. I can't tell you the last time my family has taken medicine.  

Now this one right here deserves a pic all to itself lol. Himalayan Pink Salt!!! Kicks up the flavor of any dish, yet is very mild tasting and so good for you. 

Hope this helps to get the wheels turning fam!! :)

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  1. Beautiful SeeAsiaMay 1, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    Fabulous commentary Mama, love it. Oregon herbs it is, til we're running thru our own wild bunch.